Ben, Erin, & Caleb

I decided to go back to some past shoots and take a look at them again to see what I could find. This was from my first shoot ever (about 7 months ago). At the time I really didn't know much ... I was shooting everything in aperature priority, really wasn't paying too much attention to composition, etc. However, I still think some of my favorite shots were from this shoot. I need to remind myself to have fun. I chose mostly shots that I didn't include in the first selection (which was on my old blog that was deleted ... I will try to get some up later) and really went crazy with some of the processing. Did I mention how enamored I was with flare back then? These were all shot with my old 5D & 35L ... oh, how I miss you, 35L, and those beautiful skin tones from that 5D. Every once in a while, I contemplate switching back to Canon just for the 35L. My D700 is a beast though and the auto-focus is amazing ... 24-70 is pretty nice as well!

These were taken in Arcadia Park in Phoenix, AZ benerincaleb_0315-editbenerincaleb_0333-editbenerincaleb_0319-editbenerincaleb_0337-editbenerincaleb_0344-editbenerincaleb_0417-editbenerincaleb_0475-edit